Dr. J Disinfectant Wipes (160 ct)

Pricing:  By the pallet or truckload ONLY

Get any surface sparkling clean and germ-free within 15 seconds with Dr. J’s Surface Disinfectant Wipes! Our bleach-free formula is safe to use on almost every surface.

Our wipes are EPA-registered and one of the only 9 US companies that are able to KILL THE VIRUS THAT CAUSES COVID-19 while efficiently eliminating 46 other pathogens that are difficult to kill using any other wipes such as alcohol wipes or multipurpose wipes.

Dr. J’s Surface Disinfectant Wipes are suitable for home use, hospital, industrial, and janitorial use. Quickly and thoroughly disinfect door handles, cabinet knobs, phones, computers, machines, or any surface in the home that gets touched often. In addition, Dr. J’s Surface Disinfectant Wipes are tested and safe on food contact surfaces and can be used to rub off any fruits with post water rinse.